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5 things to know about a new Google Maps update

Google’s newest mapping update, Google Maps 11, will come to the Android 4.4.2 update store this weekend, and while we’ve been reporting on some of the new features and functionality, we haven’t yet detailed much of what it means for the app itself.

It seems like a big change from the way Google has been operating the Maps app for years now.

Google has long been known for the vast, vast, expansive, vast map it’s created for the world to see, and Google Maps 10 and Maps 11 were among the most impressive features of those two updates.

That’s a huge step up in terms of mapping features compared to earlier updates, but it also means that we’re entering a new era of Google Maps.

Now, the Google Maps team is announcing the update’s availability in the Android version of the Google app, and we can already see some of what’s new.

The new Google maps is available in a bunch of new places, like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

The UK version of Google maps will get a new update that brings the country back into the fold, while the US version of this update will bring the country up to date with Canada.

That last part is the most notable.

The US version will be available in both the Google Store and Google Play, while Google Play will be able to get the update in the Google Play store for free.

That means that you’ll be able download the update to your Google account, and then install it to your device as a standalone app.

It’s a neat feature, but there’s also a catch.

Google’s new map will only be available to users in the United State, United Kingdom and Canada, and users in those countries are limited to just one version of maps per region.

Users in those areas will have to choose a region to see a full version of their maps.

The U.S. and Canada version of map will be updated to include Canada, while other countries will receive a separate version.

Users will still be able access their country’s version of Maps when searching for destinations in the U.K., Canada, or the United Arab Emirates, but Google will no longer allow them to search for Canada.

This means you’ll have to go to Google Maps to find the country’s map.

For example, if you’re looking for “London” on Google Maps in the UK, you’ll need to look for “United Kingdom” in the US and search for “LONDON” in Google Play.

The rest of the world’s version will continue to be available for users in all of those regions.

You can download the new Google map in the Play store or the Google Drive app, or install it from Google Play and then load it into the Maps interface.

The only way you’ll lose the Google version is if you delete the Google apps from your phone.

That will wipe your phone’s maps.

Google Maps will also update automatically when you update your phone or device.

The update will also show the latest information for the location of your device in the “Maps” app, so you’ll know when you’re in a new location.

This feature will also be available through the new Maps menu in Google Maps and in the settings menu in Settings.

We’ve also seen the update on the Google maps app itself, where you’ll see a new map view with the updated country names.

This new map is a little different than the old one, and it’s available for free for everyone.

The updated maps will also come with an updated version of a number of other Google features.

For instance, you can now tap on a building to take you to the next page.

You’ll also see a few new features in the navigation bar, like a new section for driving directions.

And, of course, Google’s now giving the updated maps some more real-time information.

This is the new version of our navigation bar.

You now see a bit more information about the area in the bar, including the current speed, direction, and elevation.

We’ll be covering some of these new features on our full review of the update.

It might seem a little bit early to get a peek at what’s coming with the new map update, but we’re confident that we’ll see some improvements in the coming weeks.

If you’re wondering when the next Google Maps version will come out, Google says the update is “expected to be released sometime next month.”