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Why did Muppet Show get the bad ending?

In the Muppet show, every episode ends with a death.

In the episode The Big Freeze, Muppet head actor Pete Davidson was killed off and replaced by a zombie, and a few episodes later, the episode Where Are You?, Muppet writer John Lasseter was killed by a meteor.

So why does Muppet’s final episode end with such a bang?

Here are four theories, explained in this episode of FourFourSeconds:1.

Muppet was killed during filming2.

Muppets final act was shot on a live-action stage, but the show’s writers were still editing it during the filming3.

Meryl Streep was playing Muppet, not Muppet creator Steven Spielberg4.

Margo Martindale, the actress who played Muppet in the original Muppet movies, was replaced by the actor who played Billy Dee Williams5.

The actors who played the Muppettes were replaced by puppets, and they were replaced with puppets who had a completely different style of acting6.

There was a lot of makeup involved7.

The Muppetypes final act is one of the few times Muppeteers last act was not shot live on the set8.

The writers were worried that Muppets final act might not be as well-received as its predecessors9.

Some Muppet creators were upset by the ending10.

Muggles final act wasn’t finished, and some of the Muggiest of Muppet creators were pissed about itSo what did you think of the ending?

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