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Why are you paying more than $2,000 for a wedding picture?

If you’re wondering why you’re paying more for a picture than you would if you bought it yourself, here’s the answer.

Photojournalists, photographers, and photographers don’t get paid to create photos.

They’re paid for their work.

It’s a lot like how you’d expect a chef to get paid.

You don’t have to be a chef, but you don’t need to cook to be paid.

In fact, most photographers don’st make enough money to be able to afford to hire the best photographers.

The photographers themselves, however, have a pretty good deal, and they’re the ones who pay the most.

In an article for the New York Times, a photographer named Kevin Macdonald talks about how photographers are compensated differently in different industries, and how it varies depending on the job.

The photographer who has the best skills and is doing the best work can get paid a lot more, he says, but photographers with a lot of experience will be paid less.

Macdonald goes on to explain that in a way, the “poverty line” is an arbitrary line, because the best photographer can get a lot better work than the average person.

Macdon, who has worked in the film industry for more than 30 years, explains how this system is a reflection of how photography has evolved over the years.

“There is no standard,” Macdonald said.

“In photography, there’s no fixed salary.

There are many variables that go into it.

It varies widely.

It can be the number of hours you’re doing a shoot, the amount of time you’re on the shoot, and it can also be the level of experience you have.

And it varies between photographers.”

In fact the industry is so fluid, the photo industry has its own set of guidelines that are enforced by a number of agencies.

The guidelines, which have been updated in recent years, are designed to prevent photographers from being paid less than the industry average, but they also ensure that they’re compensated fairly.

They set a baseline for what an average photographer should earn, and if the photographer performs above the baseline, he can be paid more.

It doesn’t always mean the photographer will get paid more, but it can.

MacDonald explains: “Some photographers may make more money by being a good shot than by being an excellent photographer.

Other photographers may be better than others by being able to capture the right moment in time, or by having a better story.”

The most famous photographers who earned more than the $2.4 million average were photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Francis Bacon.

But, even if they weren’t making as much as they should, they still made an effort to capture as much of their subjects’ personalities and emotions as possible.

MacDonn points out that many photographers have gotten paid less because they have less experience, or because they’ve had to move away from the traditional field of photojournalism.

There is a reason for that.

“Most photographers have to move into different industries and have to learn new ways of doing things,” Macdonn said.

“[But] some of the best ones will still be doing this job for decades.”

A lot of people think that when it comes to paying for a photo shoot, photographers are only paid the average hourly rate.

However, that’s not true, according to Macdonne.

He explained that “the amount of money they make is influenced by many things.

For example, it’s how much experience they have, the number and quality of their clients and editors, and so on.”

When you’re buying a wedding photo, you’re probably thinking that you’re getting paid for the best photo you could ever buy, but the truth is you’re only paying for one of two things: the photo that you see, or the photo you make.

So, the next time you want to know what you should pay for a shoot and what you can get for less than $500, just remember to take a look at these other tips on paying for wedding photos.

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