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Why are so many people in Berlin going to freak shows?

A number of people in the German capital are flocking to freakshows this summer, despite a nationwide lockdown and a warning from the government that the public could be at risk.

Berlin’s “freak shows” have become an annual event that attract thousands of people, many of whom dress up in outlandish costumes and perform acts that often go beyond the rules of decency.

The event is a celebration of the German spirit and its love of wildness.

Many of the more outlandish costumes, like the ones worn by performers, have even been deemed “offensive” by the country’s government.

“I think it’s really important for people to understand that the German people are not only the country with the most free speech, but also the most diverse,” said Jörg Bühler, the head of the free speech group “Die Freunde,” which organized the first Berlin freak show.

Bühler and others say that the recent increase in the number of visitors is a sign of the growing interest in the city and the country, which has seen a series of deadly attacks in recent years.

Bucheslück, a former police chief, said the influx of visitors has also helped the city to become more cosmopolitan.

“The German government has recognized that the more foreigners come to the city, the more people will like the city,” he said.

“I think the German government’s response is to make it easier to come and visit.”

The city’s residents, however, remain divided over the safety measures.

Berlin’s mayor, Christian Müller, has said that the city’s population is not enough to contain the influx, and has suggested that the authorities consider banning some types of clothing.

Müller’s proposal was backed by the city of Cologne, which banned all sorts of costumes and banned any activities that might be considered too extreme for young children, including clowns and bloodsports.

Muller, who is running for re-election in September, has also called for a ban on any kind of costume or masks that may look “threatening” to passersby.

Berlins mayor, Lothar von Trier, has criticized the mayor’s proposal, saying that it would be impossible to prevent the growth of the city.

“It is a city that is growing,” von Triers spokesman said.

“We are also experiencing a significant increase in foreign visitors.”

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