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When will it be finally done? – NBC News

It’s been two years since we last had a new episode of “Friends,” but that won’t change with the network’s latest season set to debut on Friday.

In fact, “Friends” will return to its normal Sunday night timeslot on June 14, the same day it premiered last year, as long as its ratings continue to grow and viewers keep coming back.

In the coming weeks, “The Simpsons” and “The Big Bang Theory” will also return, while new “Friends”-themed TV shows like “Grimm” and the animated sitcom “Archer” will join the lineup.

Here’s how “Friends: The Series Premiere” will play out: June 14: Friday’s episode will premiere on NBC and air on ABC.

The Simpsons, Archer, The Big Bang, Gomer, and Homer will all return.

July 7: The “Friends-themed” shows, such as “Gymnast” and Archer, will air in a new order.

September 8: The next episode will air on Fox.

October 14: The first new episode will be broadcast on CBS.

November 16: The last episode will come on Fox after Thanksgiving.

January 7: Next episode will arrive on Netflix.

February 7: Episode 13 will air exclusively on CBS, beginning with the March premiere.

March 5: Episode 14 will air with the new episode being shown on the premiere of “The Voice” on CBS in the first half of the month.

April 15: The new episode is shown exclusively on Fox and repeats the premiere episode.

May 10: The network says it will air a special special episode of its “Friends.”

June 9: The show’s sixth season premiere is set for the same time slot.

It will be followed by an episode of the animated comedy “Arrow,” a new drama “The Blacklist,” and a special episode for “Grey’s Anatomy.”

July 13: “The Great American Baking Show” will debut with a new hour.

August 6: The season finale will air, with new episodes airing every Friday in the fall.

The premiere of the new season will air at 8 p.m.

ET on June 24.

Watch the trailer for “Friends”: