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Netanyahu: We will stop corruption on the border

Netanyahu said on Wednesday that he will work with the European Union to bring back border security.

He told Israeli public television that he wants to reopen the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and said he will continue to press for the return of settlers from the occupied West Bank.

But the prime minister also said that he expects the Palestinians to take the lead in efforts to ease the financial burden on the Jewish state, the first such move in the nearly two decades since it established a border with the Palestinians.

“The solution to the conflict is not for the Palestinians but for the Israelis, who must be prepared to accept a Palestinian state as an alternative to the creation of another Palestinian state, which would constitute a serious obstacle to the achievement of a two-state solution,” Netanyahu said.

The prime minister said that the EU will support him if he wants it to be.

But it was unclear whether EU member states, such as Britain and France, would allow Israel to continue to close the border.

A Palestinian official said last week that EU member nations have agreed to allow the closure of the border, but that Israel would still have to make changes to its security arrangements.