‘You have got to be kidding me’: Aussie ranchers describe the moment they shot the first of their animal shows

AUSTRALIA’S best-known animal show has been shut down because of safety concerns.

Key points:The Carnivore Australia show in Melbourne is not expected to resume until March, with no opening date yet announcedA Queensland farmer is concerned about safety at the show, which is in danger of becoming a “puppet show”Animal rights groups are demanding the show be banned as well.

The Queensland Carnivorans Association says it has been in contact with the show’s organisers about safety concerns.(ABC News: Ben Whishaw)”We are extremely concerned about the safety of our attendees,” the group said in a statement.

“We have been in communication with the organisers and they have assured us that the safety and well-being of our guests is their top priority.”

“This has been a long-standing, long-running event and we have always made our guests and the carnival our priority,” it said.

“The safety and wellbeing of our members and guests is paramount to us and we are committed to taking every step to ensure this is maintained.”

Animal rights group Animal Liberation Victoria says the show is in peril.(ABC Australia: John Bowers)”It is clear from the safety situation at Carnivorous Australia that the carnivals are not safe for people to attend and that they have been failing to provide adequate and safe training for our members,” the organisation said.

“It has been an extremely dangerous carnival in the past, and it is time that the Queensland carnival industry did the same.”

The Carnivia Show is based at a large ranch on the outskirts of Melbourne and is run by the family-run Carnivores Australia.

Owner and manager of Carnivoans Australia, Dave Wood, said he had been contacted by a number of people who had been injured at the carnivorous show.

“There’s been an increase in the number of injuries that have been reported,” Mr Wood said.

“We are getting a lot of complaints from people who have been hurt.”

“It’s the biggest carnival show in the world, so there’s always been a lot more injuries than normal.”

Mr Wood said it was too early to say if anyone had died or been seriously injured.

“I’m not prepared to comment on the safety or the medical condition of the animals,” he said.

Animal rights protesters held a protest outside the show last month.(ABC: Andrew Walker)The carnival was last held in October last year.

Last week, the Queensland Government announced it would hold a coronavirus awareness and education drive in the state on the anniversary of the pandemic.

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