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Why we love the bikini show, but we’re a little nervous

Posted October 17, 2018 10:16:18There is something about seeing a bathing suit draped over a bikini that makes you think “how could anyone possibly want to get in a bikini?”

However, that’s exactly what we do when we’re visiting the beaches of California and looking at the beautiful bikini photos posted on social media.

In fact, our fascination for the bikini shows is even greater when we find ourselves at the beach with our family and friends.

This is because we have to be ready to catch some waves in order to swim.

The good news is that you can enjoy some of the best beach photos from California while at the same time enjoying the water.

Here are some of our favorite beach photos.

We love swimming and we don’t want to miss out on this chance to swim with our loved ones.


Tulum beach in Hawaii 2.

Venice Beach, California 3.

The beach in San Diego 4.

Venice beach in California 5.

The Venice Beach in California 6.

Venice and the San Diego coastline 7.

The Tulum Beach in Italy 8.

The sunset on the beach in Tulum, Tulum 9.

Venice is a popular destination for beachgoing in California and we always recommend taking the time to spend time at one of the popular beach destinations in Southern California.


Venice, California, USA 11.

The Santa Monica beach 12.

The ocean and the ocean view from the beach of San Francisco, California 13.

The shoreline of the Santa Monica pier 14.

The view of the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles, California 15.

The waves and the surf on the beaches at the Santa Cruz beach in Santa Cruz, California 16.

The stunning ocean view at the famous Sunset Pier 17.

The sunrise at sunset in Los Altos, California 18.

The views of the ocean at the end of the Sunset Pier.


The coastline of the beach at Tulum 20.

The beauty of the sunset at the Tulum Pier 21.

The horizon at sunset on Santa Cruz Beach, San Diego 22.

The sunsets at sunset at San Francisco Beach, Santa Cruz 23.

The Sunset Pier in Tuscaloosa, Alabama 24.

The beautiful sunset at Sunset Pier 25.

The surf at Sunset Beach 26.

Sunset Beach in San Francisco 27.

The Ocean at Tuscala 28.

The sea at Tumac 30.

The Pacific Ocean at Santa Cruz 31.

The sand at Sunset 32.

The Beach at Tulsa Beach 33.

The blue skies over Santa Cruz 34.

The sky over Tulum 35.

The green of Tulum 36.

The spectacular sunset over Tumacc 37.

Sunset at Tumanu, Fiji 38.

The amazing sunset over the Tumaluca Islands 39.

Sunset over the Pacific in Tumaguna 40.

Sunset in Hawaii 41.

The coast of the Hawaiian Islands 42.

Sunset on the Hawaiian island of Kauai 43.

Sunset and the sea at Kauai, Hawaii 44.

The gorgeous sunset over Kauai’s Big Island 45.

The golden glow of the sunrise over the island of Maui 46.

Sunset is the perfect time to catch a wave in Hawaii 47.

The beaches of Hawaii 48.

The breathtaking view of Honolulu 49.

Sunset, Hawaii, USA 50.

The great ocean view of Tumakumari, Japan 51.

Sunset beach in Japan 52.

Sunset surfing in Hawaii 53.

The water at sunset surfing 54.

The perfect sunset beach in the ocean 55.

The incredible sunset beach over a lagoon 56.

Sunset view in Hawaii 57.

Sunset sunset beach on Kauai 58.

Sunset surfers at Tule Lake 59.

Sunset surfer at Tulu Bay 60.

Sunset Surfers in Hawaii 61.

Sunset sunsets over Tule Bay, Hawaii 62.

Sunset waves at Tula, Hawaii 63.

Sunset Waves at Tulutak, Maui 64.

The Sunsets at the Sunset Beach, Hawaii 65.

The magnificent sunset on Kauaipa, Hawaii 66.

Sunset Sunset Beach 67.

Sunset Sunrise in Maui 68.

Sunset Lagoon at Tuna Beach 69.

Sunset Sunshine at Tūsō, Hawaii 70.

Sunset the Great Pacific Ocean 71.

Sunset Wave at Waimea Bay, Honolulu 72.

Sunset sunrise in Hawaii 73.

Sunset Lagoons in Hawaii 74.

Sunset views of Tule, Hawaii 75.

Sunset near Hawaii 76.

Sunset beaches at Tulluma, Hawaii 77.

Sunset Bay in Maua, Maua 78.

Sunset View at Tukumalai, Fiji 79.

Sunset viewed from Tulukumala, Fiji 80.

Sunset Views at Hualalai Bay, Hualalei 81.

Sunset of Tulu, Maule 82.

Sunset seen from Waimeaa Bay, Mauole 83.

Sunset from Tulu 84.

Sunset taken from Tullumalee, Waimeana 85.

Sunset Atoll in Tulu 86.

Sunset From Tulu 87.

Sunset Lake at Tumi 88.

Sunset Ate in Tumi 89. Sunset In