What to know about SpongeBob SquarePants season five episodes and what to expect

SpongeBob is back!

The hit animated series returns in a new season with some of the most beloved characters from the first five seasons and the best-known characters from each season to reprise their roles in this brand new season.

Check out our SpongeBob season five review to get an idea of what to look forward to.

SpongeBob Squarepants season five premieres on NBC on Monday, April 14 at 9/8c.

In this exclusive preview, we reveal the latest in SpongeBob’s life and career as a SpongeBob, discuss the season’s most memorable moments, and give you our full spoiler-free SpongeBob review.

We also dive deep into the season five premiere with a deep dive into the premiere’s best scenes, and then go over all of the new episodes and characters!

Here’s everything you need to know to catch season five:The first season of SpongeBob was the first to take place in a time that was not always depicted as a utopia.

The show’s creators, Nickelodeon, knew this and they wanted to make it as realistic as possible.

In fact, the season was made with the goal of creating a world where everyone had equal opportunities, a goal that was ultimately achieved in the first season.

In the new season, SpongeBob returns to his home of SpongeBubbleCakes.

He is also joined by his pals Bubbles, Chunky, and Big Head.

SpongeBob and his friends make their way through SpongeBobSquarePants to celebrate SpongeBob Day, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Squidward, who introduces SpongeBob to the town of Spongebubs.

Bubbles, SpongeBubs, and Chunky quickly find themselves on the run from a criminal syndicate led by a giant squid.

SpongeBubby is caught in the middle, trying to protect SpongeBob from the evil Squidward.

The plot of the season is very similar to the first.

Sponge Bob and his pals are chasing a criminal squid in order to steal the “Bubs,” the prized sweets that are found at the end of each street in Spongebubble Cakes.

As SpongeBob goes after the squid, he is chased by the giant squid and it’s up to his pals to stop the monster before it destroys SpongeBob.

The season picks up with SpongeBob at his local candy store.

SpongeBill, the local candy salesman, is very happy to see SpongeBob return to his candy store after years away.

“I thought that SpongeBob would never return,” he tells SpongeBob after he tells him about the past.

“But then I thought, well, we should have seen it happen.”

SpinnerBob and SpongeBob take a ride on a train with Squidward and Chubby on the platform.

SpongeBoo and the Squidward twins are trying to catch a fish to eat, but are unable to do so.

After seeing their inability, Squidward tells SpongeBill to leave the station.

SpongeBoob and SquidBob decide to do something fun together, and Squidward puts on a balloon that says, “SpongeBubbies.”

SpongeBob then runs off, but Chubby follows after him.

The duo then fly up the train tracks, where they end up at a lake.

SpongeBrat and SquidBill discover a monster squid that they must defeat before it eats SpongeBob forever.

SpongeBlubber is angry with SquidBubblurr, but SquidBob says he doesn’t care.

SquidBob then shows SpongeBlubs new “Spine-Tension.”

The two then go into a race to the finish line.

Sponge Blubber and SquidBubs run off, only to find themselves in a forest filled with giant squid who are hunting them.

Sponge Boob and SpongeBlob chase the monster squid and catch it, but it bites them.

When they find out that they are stuck in the forest, the squid leaves them behind and leaves the two alone.

Sponge Bubble and SpongeBubb then head to the SquidRoots to look for a way to escape.

Sponge Bubb goes looking for a tree that he can cut and Sponge Bubbles heads to the Treehouse to play.

When they arrive, they are surprised to find a tree.

Sponge Bubblob asks Sponge Bubble if he knows where they are.

Sponge Brubblob says he knows, and Sponge Bubble agrees.

The two find a large tree and it begins to rain.

The rain begins to intensify and the rain monster suddenly attacks them.

The group must now fight their way up the tree and defeat the monster.

When Sponge Bubbly gets to the top of the tree, he finds the monster and then realizes it’s gone.

Sponge Bill then takes the time to explain that he and the rest of the team are in trouble.

A strange voice comes from outside.

It tells SpongeBrubblub to come back with us.