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US cattle show shows pictures of animals in distress

In the U.S., a new documentary called “Cattle Show” looks at the plight of cattle that are being raised for meat and dairy in slaughterhouses across the country.

It focuses on a number of facilities in California, Tennessee and Texas.

The documentary focuses on how they raise cattle and is narrated by a former employee of a slaughterhouse that is now being investigated for animal cruelty.

The program was made possible by the U’s Center for Investigative Reporting.

The filmmakers spoke to people who have been working in slaughterhouse operations and also with cattle owners who have raised cattle on their farms.

The main theme is that they are in dire need of a change in the slaughter industry and the way they raise animals is so broken that there is no incentive for them to go to slaughterhouses.

-“Cattle show pictures of cattle in distress” is the second of three documentaries by Al Jazeera America about cattle farming in the United States.

The first is “Racism, Inc.,” about the racial discrimination against African Americans.

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