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How to make a shower picture panel for your home

In the age of the home automation craze, you can buy all sorts of new gadgets and appliances to help keep your home safe.

But what if you can’t afford to buy all of them?

Well, now you can create your own.

Recode’s Mark Gurman walks us through a simple DIY shower picture screen that uses simple, easy to do parts and a few simple tools.


Make your own shower picture board with a shower curtain.

Mark Gurmans photo, Getty Images 2.

Grab a shower door opener.

Mark Turmel/iStockphoto 3.

Drill a hole in the door handle.

Mark Turk/istockphoto 4.

Hook a shower valve and a shower plug to the shower curtain cover.

MarkTurmel/Getty Images 5.

Connect a showerhead to the curtain.

Tim Schaeffer/i stockphoto 6.

Add some curtain trim. 7.

Put a shower screen on top of the curtain cover and hook up a shower head.

MarkKurman/i Stockphoto 8.

Install a shower light on top. 9.

Plug a water reservoir into the top of your shower curtain to keep it cold.

TimTurbmel/Photodisc/GettyImages 10.

Plug in a wall outlet.

Tim TurmelPhotodasc/iMore 11.

Put on some curtains and you’re good to go.

TimGurmans/iPhotodoc/Getty images 12.

Hook up a door opener and attach the curtain to the front of the door.

TimTurmelPhotoc/iGetty Images 13.

Set up a water heater and plug in a window to keep your window open.

TimSpurmel/Imgur 14.

Install your own LED light in your window and make your own water meter.

TimPewDiehl/iHome 15.

Make a light switch and put it in your kitchen to light up the place when you’re not home.

TimHaggar/iSupplied 16.

Connect your light switch to your thermostat to automatically turn it on when the temperature drops.

TimTimTurmel Photography 17.

Connect the power of your light to your wall outlet so you can turn on your house’s lights automatically.

TimKurmansPhotocommunity 18.

Install the thermostatic fan to help your home keep its cool.

TimCrosby/iPhoto/GettyGallery 19.

Add a shower hose to the top and hook it up to a light bulb to help make your shower glow.

TimDurst/iIllustration/Gettyimages 20.

Install some window screens to keep out the elements.

TimSavage/iDigitalPhotos/Getty 1 / 6 Clean up the water from your shower and wash it.

Mark Lurie/iFlickr 2 / 6 Connect the shower head to the wall to turn it off automatically.

Mark Gulmich/iGMA/Getty 3 / 6 Hook up your water heater to the water heater outlet.

Mark Gurnick/iDoneUp/Getty 4 / 6 Plug in your water meter and connect it to your home’s water system to keep an eye on how much water is being used.

MarkSpurms/iGoogle+/Getty 5 / 6 Use the bathroom door opener to lock and unlock your door.

Mark Kurlantzick/Photobucket/Getty 6 / 6 Hang up a mirror on your bathroom door to give you a peek inside.

MarkGarret/iLucky/Getty 7 / 6 Create a shower shower curtain with a curtain.

Andrew Burton/Getty 8 / 6 Install your water tank to keep the water coming out of your water pipes.

MarkCrosbysPhotocomunity/iGallery 9 / 6 Turn your kitchen on and off with a knob.

MarkEhrhardt/iInstagram 10 / 6 Add a light fixture to your shower wall to make it glow.

MarkMarks/iLoveInstagram 11 / 6 Make a wall switch to turn the lights on and make the walls shine.

TimMarksPhotocompany/Getty 12 / 6 Get rid of the mirror that’s currently in your shower.

Tim Kurbitz/Photopin/Getty 13 / 6 Pull up a thermostatically controlled water heater, turning it on and letting it run while you shower.

MarkOscarB/iPicasa/Getty 14 / 6 Put a wall light in the shower and add a curtain to make your bathroom look like a mirror.

MarkTurbel/iNordVPN/Getty 15 / 6 Build a shower wall that’s just right for you.

MarkDurb/iTutorials/Getty 16 / 6 Cut off the ends of your curtains so that you can put the curtains into the shower.

Chris Matyszczyk/Getty 17 / 6 Place a light in each corner of the shower to make the water come out of the curtains.

Tim Gurnack/iYouTube/Getty 18 / 6 Wire the curtain covers together