How the GOP’s new ‘baby’ TV ad compares to GOP’s previous ads

How does the new GOP ad compare to its predecessor?

The ad has two main points: The GOP ad features a baby with a red heart and says: “When a child is born, the first thing they want is to be the one to say thank you.”

“When they grow up, the only thing they ever want is a hug,” it continues.

The ad also features a toddler in the crib, saying: “I want to hug everyone.”

The baby’s eyes glow red and she holds her baby brother’s hand.

The baby is also seen crying.

The GOP ads have been criticized for their graphic language and the use of baby language.

The Hill notes that the GOP ad has a number of other minor changes, including the fact that the family’s baby is wearing a red shirt, not blue.

“But it’s a pretty cool baby and it’s been the focus of plenty of criticism,” said Paul Sperry, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a former political strategist for President Donald Trump.

“The thing that the new ad doesn’t do well is the graphic language.

You don’t see the full picture, the baby is crying and the words, ‘and the love you give us is enough.'”

Spersey said the ad makes it sound like the GOP has taken a “baby-friendly” approach, but the GOP is actually more of a “prankster.”

He noted that the original GOP ad featured the word “pranking” in bold letters.

“That’s not funny at all,” he said.

Sperries said the GOP also did not include a single line of dialogue about how they’re raising a baby.

“There’s no talking about what we’re doing, there’s no trying to find a solution,” he explained.

“We just want the kids to love their mom and want to be a part of the world.

So it’s not very serious.”

The GOP also made some minor changes to the ad.

One of them is a new logo that shows a woman and baby with red hearts, with a picture of the Republican House speaker, Paul Ryan, next to the words “baby in the womb.”

The ad is also now shown with a voiceover that says: “‘We’ll have a baby in our country, and it’ll be a beautiful, healthy baby.’

And then we have the words: ‘But don’t take our word for it.’

So you can see that we’ve made some significant changes, but it’s still just a baby ad.”

Spery said the new campaign will run on TV in Iowa and New Hampshire on Tuesday and Wednesday, and is also being aired in Nevada on Thursday.

The RNC is also airing a TV ad in Florida on Thursday that includes the same phrase: “But don´t take our words for it.”

The Hill’s John Bresnahan contributed to this report.