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How do I use Google Maps?

The navigation app Google Maps has a new feature: It now lets you use the Google Maps app instead of your desktop computer to get directions.

The change is part of a larger change Google is making to the way Google Maps uses your smartphone.

Previously, Google Maps would use your smartphone’s GPS and your computer’s keyboard to navigate, with no additional navigation tools.

The new feature makes navigation easier for you, and makes it possible to switch back to Google Maps in the event of a problem with the app.

Google said the change makes Google Maps a better choice for a number of users.

The company is also giving away the new feature as part of an effort to make the navigation experience better for everyone.

Google Maps for Android, for example, will automatically use your phone’s GPS as long as you are connected to the Internet.

And Google Maps on a desktop computer will work the same way, so long as it has been updated to the latest version of the app on your device.

The old Google Maps navigation method is still available on a few of the older versions of Google Maps.

However, users of older versions will still need to switch to Google’s own navigation tool, which is still an option in the navigation menu.

Users will need to manually activate the new option if they want to switch from Google Maps to Google Drive or Maps.

Users who already have the navigation app on their device can also access it from Google Home and other apps, though it will be locked.

You can also check out the full list of the new features in the Google app.

For more information on the Google navigation app, visit the Google homepage.