Aussie woman has been crowned Australia’s ‘most beautiful’ with photos of her shower style

AUSTRALIA has just won the title of “most beautiful” in the world with photos showing the stunning style of a Sydney woman who made history as the first Australian to ever walk across the border in a wheelchair.

News Corp Australia reported that the photo of Victoria’s Marjorie Stoddart was posted online on Friday and was the first time anyone had ever captured her shower.

“I had a shower of my own in a way that I had never been in a shower before,” Stoddarts mother, Marjory, told

“The first time I had a bath was my mother gave me one in Australia, so I had the opportunity to have a shower in Australia.”

Ms Stoddars shower style is described as being in between a bikini and a bikini with a skirt underneath.

“There was a lot of dressing up, but nothing quite like this,” she said.

“It was quite an unusual shower.

You could see the water in the shower and then you could see your legs through the curtain.”

And you could really see the sun through the curtains.

It was like being inside a world.

“She said she had been in Sydney for a week before heading to the border to begin her journey.”

Victoria was quite a shock, but I was able to go home without being detained, because I was so happy,” she told News Corp Australia.”

We went on the train to get off at Bondi Junction and I had to wait for three hours before I was allowed to board the train again.

“But I’m happy to say that we had the greatest time we have had in the whole process.”

Ms Marjories mother said she was in awe of her daughter’s “manly” look and “cute” style.

“When I first saw her picture on the news I was in tears, but she is a true Australian and has become such a favourite of mine,” she added.

“She is an amazing person.”

The woman, who is now in her late 40s, has been the subject of a wide range of media coverage since her photo was posted.

Ms Stokes’ story has also attracted praise from Australian actor Sam Waterston, who told The Age newspaper the “beautiful woman” was “quite special”.

“I think she is special and I think she has such a beautiful personality,” he said.ABC News reported on Saturday that the Victorian Government is investigating the case, and that it is “likely” Stodderts photo was taken in the state of New South Wales.

“Ms Stowers’ story is truly inspiring, inspiring the young people around her, who are in awe and love,” Mr Waterston said.