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Women in video games are not afraid of the men in them

Here are a few women in video game worlds who have come out in support of the people they play with and are now making a career out of it.

I played video games for a long time, but I never really thought of myself as a woman.

I was always a nerd.

I wanted to be a scientist or a photographer or a computer programmer.

I didn’t really know what to make of myself.

In the games I played, I had these very stereotypical female characters.

I just liked the game, I liked the story and I liked that I could get away with that.

But it was not until I got married and started my own business and started putting in the work that I started to realize that my gender was not the only thing that was different about me.

I realized that I was a gamer who wanted to make money.

I also wanted to build a career, and I didn, but at the same time, I didn?t want to just be a gamer.

My husband also has a degree in electrical engineering, so we decided that we needed to do some things differently.

I started making games.

We started developing something called “The Game Studio,” which was about creating games for people who wanted a hobby.

It took about two years to realize the potential.

The first game we released was a real-time strategy game called “Bubble Blast,” which is a platformer.

We also released a couple of other games, “Battle of the Heroes” and “Bugs Bunny.”

We had a couple more games coming out, but we were very much in a nascent stage at the time.

I had a really good experience with the video games that I loved growing up.

I enjoyed them, but also felt like I could be more of an actress.

I felt like my character could really play.

I really wanted to portray a woman in these roles.

I thought that I would just get cast for the same roles, and if that happens, then it just doesn?t matter.

I don?t have to go back to the same characters I played as a boy.

I started working on my own games in college and became a game designer in my spare time.

One of my friends told me that she thought I should try my hand at video games, because I?d never really had the time to play with friends and play games.

I went into a company and started making my own game.

The company was a startup called PixelArt Games, which is based out of my hometown of Chicago.

They were the first company that actually had a female CEO.

I had an idea for a game called Bumblebee, which was a platforming game where you had to navigate through a maze and collect gems.

It was about a bee and his friend, but it also had this other kind of theme.

You could also collect coins, which you could use to upgrade your character.

We didn?ve the most diverse team that was all male, but they all came together in one room to talk about how to make a game that was inclusive to all people.

When I did the pitch for the game and pitched it to people, I also went to a lot of meetings with the female game designers and the other female game developers and they all felt very strongly about it.

They all said, “It?s time to do something about this.”

So I joined a group called the Game Developers Guild and started meeting up with other female developers to talk more about the industry.

At one point, I joined the guild and started getting the first press.

It?s been almost four years since I joined.

I think my biggest accomplishment in the industry is being able to work with people who are not just a gaming company or a developer, but are really really interested in making games for the whole world.

And that was my big step.

I have a big game coming out this year, and it is a video game called ‘Climb’ that I created for my friends.

I created a character named “Jenny,” who has this cool costume, and then I designed her into this climbing game.

I want to make it a platform game where people can climb up the mountain and see where they go.

I?m working on that, too.

I have also got an original story that I am making for this platformer called “Dirty Birds,” which will be a platform for kids to play.

I got a really great education, and my husband and I have always been very fortunate to have our kids go to schools that are like our own.

I grew up in a really supportive family, which has made it easier for me to take a step back and just take a moment and be a real person.

I love being able, for example, to play a game with my daughters.

I can play “The Last of Us” and I can also play “Dying Light” with my girls.

I’m really proud of what we