What do you do when your wife has a baby? The answer might surprise you

A new study has found that women who have babies are more likely to have their babies during the summer than women who don’t have them, but that it doesn’t mean the babies are being taken away from them.

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, found that, on average, the babies were being held during the winter months and that babies in the summer months were getting their own beds.

The researchers looked at 1,600 women who were pregnant between 2008 and 2014 and found that the babies of women who had babies in summer months had more than twice as many cuddles than babies in winter months.

There were no statistically significant differences between the babies in either summer or winter months between women who didn’t have babies and women who did.

However, the researchers noted that there was a significant difference between the baby boys who were being cuddled in the spring and the boys who had cuddled in the fall.

The new study also looked at babies who were in their third trimester, which is when the babies start growing and are most likely to be in the home.

The women who received the most cuddling during their first trimester were those who had been pregnant at least once before and had had their babies for longer than four weeks.

The babies in that group were not just being cuddly, they were also more likely than their peers to have been cuddled at home. 

The new study found that baby boys were significantly more likely in the babies who received cuddlings in summer than those who didn�t, which led the researchers to conclude that the mothers who had had babies had a much greater interest in getting cuddlies for their babies. 

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This article originally appeared on ABC News.