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Man, wife to be photographed at a hotel in Nepal’s capital

Man and wife will soon be the first couple to have their pictures taken in Nepal, a tourist website said on Wednesday, amid mounting criticism over their lavish lifestyle.

The Himalayan nation of Nepal is a country of 3.3 million people, of whom 2.4 million live in the capital Kathmandu.

The couple’s trip to the Nepalese capital on Friday was planned with the help of Nepal Tourism, Tourism and Sports Authority, said the website, the Times of Indian.

A photo of the couple with their son and daughter in a hotel room at Kathmandukh Palace in Kathmandus capital, Kathmanduz, shows the couple wearing all black and white, with the bride in a red dress and the groom in a white one.

The Times of Irukandji said the pictures were taken by the photographer who worked for the Nepali Tourism Authority.

It said the couple have been spending over 1,000,000 Nepali rupees (about $1,600) on their stay in Kathand.

“The pictures are a tribute to the hard work and passion of the husband and wife team,” the website said.

 The website did not say if the photos were of the bride or groom, and said the photos are expected to be published soon.

The website said the hotel had rooms for only two people.