How to save money in the holiday shopping season

In order to get more out of your holiday shopping, here’s a list of the best deals to take advantage of.

The top deals on sale include:1.

Amazon gift cards (up to $15 per card)2.

$20 off your first Amazon purchase ($10 off a $200 purchase)3.

$10 off your next Amazon purchase4.

$25 off a 2-day Amazon Prime membership (includes 2 free Prime Days)5.

$30 off a 3-day Prime membership6.

$35 off a 4-day Free Trial membership7.

Free shipping on select orders8.

Free postage on qualifying orders9.

$50 off a gift card with any Amazon purchase10.

Free Amazon gift card shipping with a qualifying Amazon purchaseThe following deals have already been announced:Amazon Prime Day: November 12-15 in more than 20 countriesAmazon Prime: November 20-22 in more that 80 countriesAmazon Summer Sale: November 23-26 in more in about 150 countriesAmazon Christmas Day: December 1-4 in more locations than ever beforeAmazon Prime Plus: December 4-11 in more places than ever with no blackout datesAmazon Summer: December 5-8 in more cities than everAmazon Summer Membership: December 11-18 in more markets than everwith no blackoutdatesAmazon Weekend: December 14-16 in more states than ever Amazon Summer Membership Plus: January 3-7 in more.

The same as Amazon Prime Day, except with free shipping for the first 30 days.