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How to get more pictures with your favorite sports teams

A new feature in NBA 2K17 makes it easier to share your favorite teams’ photos with friends and family.

In addition to letting friends and colleagues see your favorite team’s players, friends can now see the players on your own personal team.

This is especially handy if you’re playing a game on a friend’s phone, or if you don’t have a team, but still want to share photos with family members.

To get started, tap the “Share” button on the main menu and enter your name and team in the “team name” field.

You’ll see your personal team listed on the team’s home screen, with the team name and photos appearing next to your favorite players.

Once you’re done, tap “Share again.”

The feature will automatically pop up a notification in your message inbox, inviting you to share the photo.

If you’d rather not share your team’s photos, you can also add a new team to your friends list.

Just add your team name, team’s name, and the number of players on the current team in “Add team.”

To add your new team, tap on the “Add to Friends” button.

You can add up to five people to your team.

After you add your friends, they’ll see the new team in their friend list.

To delete a friend, tap in the notification and then select the “Delete.”

In addition, if you want to keep your team up-to-date, you’ll see them in your game list on the home screen.

You don’t need to open your game folder, or download the game, to see them.

If, like me, you have a few favorite sports and you want a team to get your team-related notifications in a more meaningful way, you might want to consider adding a new profile picture.

That way, when you log in to a new account with your new profile, your favorite teammates will be shown in the main list.