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I’m a big fan of the big bang theory.

But there are two other theories as well.


The Big Bang theory says that there is no fundamental difference between the atoms in the universe.

If there were, there would be an observable universe, but there is not.


The Theory of Evolution says that life emerged from the chemical changes in a few hundred million years after the Big Bang.


The Standard Model of particle physics says that the universe was created, not from nothing, but with the help of a single Big Bang particle.

Here’s what the Standard Model says about the universe: The Big Bang: The Big bang is the beginning of time, a period of time when everything started, and the universe is expanding.

The universe began as a hot and dense cloud of gas and energy, which was pushed toward the Big Crunch.

When the Big bang occurred, the first atoms in this cloud were very small and tiny.

When they were cooled down to form stars, they became much bigger, which then made the universe smaller.

Now, if you look at the atoms that form stars in the Big Buster, it’s the same as the atoms you would see in a supernova, a massive explosion of matter.

When the universe expands, all of the matter that was there in the beginning expands, too.

And as the universe becomes bigger, it becomes denser.

As it becomes bigger and denser, the matter becomes lighter, which makes the universe bigger and heavier.

The more dense the universe gets, the hotter it gets.

The hotter the universe, the heavier the stuff inside it gets, so it becomes the more massive the universe that we live in.

This is why it’s so hot.

That is, there’s a lot of energy being released in the early universe, which is just the matter and energy that we can see in the cosmic microwave background, which the light we see coming from the Big Bounce.

So, in this universe, if the universe had started out small, there wouldn’t be much of it.

But as it expands, it gets denser and densier.

Because the universe has so much energy, the Universe expands into all kinds of things, including other galaxies.

We can’t see it directly, but the expansion of the universe creates new galaxies, which are stars, which in turn form planets, which eventually form the universe we live on.

So, there are different ways to look at it.

But if you ask scientists, they think the Big Boom theory is wrong.

They say it’s a bad theory because it doesn’t predict the existence of a Big Bang, and they say it doesn