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A romantic Valentine’s Day for you and your loved ones

It’s a time for a romantic Valentine card, but don’t forget to take it with you, because there’s a new dating app to love.

Dating app Tinder announced a new feature today, which lets users send pictures of their love interests to their dates.

Tinder’s Valentine’s day app lets you send a photo of your love interest to your date with the words, “I love you” on the side.

Tinder users can also send text messages of love to their date, and add hashtags to their photos, so they can track their relationship on the app.

Tinder has also added a new option for “dates who love each other,” and is also adding an additional date to your list, who can “match you with your sweetheart.”

Tinder users also get a special bonus of extra value when they choose “love from your life” as the date.

Tinder lets users share photos and videos of their loved ones.

“Love from your Life” is one of Tinder’s new date options.

Tinder is also launching a new “love map” to help users track their romantic life.

The app will feature the top 5 romantic relationships in your area, and a list of people who’ve been in the top 3, for example.

Users can share pictures of loved ones with them on the map, and can tag them in the caption.

Tinder says the app has been downloaded more than 100 million times in the US.

Tinder and Google have been collaborating for the past year to improve its dating and relationship features.

It is now available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States.

It will be available for iOS and Android users starting in April.